A smarter way to do home phone

Looking for a high quality home phone experience that’s also budget-friendly? You can hang up that old landline for good and pickup Digital Home Phone, powered by VoIP.

What is Digital Home Phone?

Digital Home Phone works pretty much the same as a landline, except instead of relying on phone wiring, it allows you to chat with your friends and family through your internet connection. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol technology works by transferring audio signals into digital signals and vice versa.

All packages include the following features you’d typically have to pay an arm or a leg for:

Call display – See who’s calling
Call forwarding – Pass it on or take a call on the go
Call waiting – We get it, you’re popular
Three-way calling – 3 is not always a crowd
Voicemail – You can even get recordings forwarded to your email

Cordless home phone.

Digital Home Phone Packages

Choose from 3 affordable plan options that can help you stay in touch with
friends and family, no matter where they may be.



Canada icon.$15/month


Only making local calls? Get unlimited calling anywhere in Canada so that you can stay chatty, coast to coast.



  U.S & Canada

United States and Canadian flags icon.$20/month


Unlimited calling across Canada and the 48 contiguous states to keep you connected with your friends and family stateside.




World icon.$30/month


Unlimited calling to 65 countries all across the globe, so you can stay close to your friends and family overseas.


Why go with Digital Home Phone?

Why not get all the benefits of a traditional home phone, and then some, all for less money?

Transfer number icon.
Keep your number

Transfer your current number over to our service at no extra charge. Just be sure not to cancel your existing service before contacting us!

Phone technology icon.
New tech, same phone

Most standard corded or cordless home phone sets will work with our digital adapter, so switching over is super easy.

Savings icon.
Real savings

Save up to $30/month or more compared to equivalent landline plans. You can start a vacation fund with those savings!

No contract icon.
No contracts

You like your freedom. We get that. That’s why all of our services are charged on a month-to-month basis. No contract required.

Support icon.
24/7 support

If you ever experience an issue with your service, our Customer Experience Group is available to help you out 24/7/365.

Work from home icon.
Work from home

Tired of charging your cell phone 3 times a day due to work calls? Digital Home Phone may just be the solution to your low-battery blues.

 Emergency 911

The emergency 911 service provided with our Digital Home Phone plans differ in a number of ways from the traditional 911 service available with most traditional phone lines. For more information about the differences and limitations please see

We're here to answer your questions

Check out our frequently asked questions and contact us if you still need help.

Do you need to have internet to sign up for Digital Home Phone?

The short answer is nope, you can sign up for Digital Home Phone without our internet service. That being said, we do highly recommend that you take a look at our awesome internet packages anyway.

Will I lose my Digital Home Phone connection if the hydro goes out?

Unfortunately, yes. Unlike some landlines which pull power from the telephone wiring, Digital Home Phone does require a power source.

How do voicemails work?

Voicemails are stored as MP3 files with a limit of 160 minutes of space. Voicemails can be accessed through a remote service, delivered directly to your email inbox, or both. Voicemails older than one year will be automatically removed from the system.

Internet that's friendly

With plans starting at just $30/month, it's easy to see what people are smiling about.

Multiple devices.

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